​That same year, she earned her International Championship title via the IABCA and was temperament tested by the American Temperament Test Society at the Piedmont Kennel Club in Charlotte, NC, which earned her the TT title. In November of 2015, she earned her therapy dog certification via TDI (Therapy Dogs International) and is currently doing therapy visits in various nursing homes to earn her title. We started on the path of obedience training with Mercedes in 2017. She went on to earn her Rally Novice title at an event held by the Roanoke Kennel Club that fall. In 2019, Mercedes earned her Novice Tricks title 

Although now retired, Mercedes is still very much an integral part of our family. She has blessed many in her therapy work and with her offspring that have gone on to be well loved family pets, service and therapy dogs.  

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Mercedes is now officially retired from our breeding program. She produced lovely pups with wonderful temperaments, some of which are now service and therapy dogs, all well loved family pets.

See her here in training video
 "Mercedes in Training at the Club"
​(call name: Mercedes)                      Pedigree link
DOB: 11/24/12 

Mercedes is an exceptionally sweet, light colored Golden Retriever who loves to be around people. As most Golden Retrievers, Mercedes enjoys playing fetch, taking walks and carrying toys around the house.  

Mercedes was imported from Serbia and I oftentimes refer to her as our Serbian princess. She came to us from Retrievers of Golden Duck and was bred by Natasa Davidovic, who not only breeds Golden Retrievers, but is a renowned dog show judge as well. When Mercedes came to Camelot House, she was registered via the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) as a cream colored Golden Retriever. She is now registered via the AKC. Some people refer to her coloring as English Cream, though her color is classified as light golden by the American Kennel Club, as well as the Golden Retriever Club of America.  

Mercedes is a show dog at heart and goes into the stacked position with little training by us. She has a lovely block head with a friendly, intelligent expression. Her light colored coat is dense with beautiful feathering. Her height at the withers is 22 inches and she weighs 75 lbs. .

Mercedes earned her CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment) and CGC (Canine Good Citizen) titles in April of 2015 at an event held by the Sandlapper Golden Retriever Club in Gray Court, South Carolina. 

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This is Mercedes obeying the down & stay commands.  It is best not let the dog learn your habits so well that they release themselves from commands before you release them.  After this picture, I walked back to Mercedes and then walked around her before releasing her from the stay position.
Mercedes out for a walk at Lake Norman State Park. What a frigid morning! No worries, we were only out for a short walk and Mercedes was wearing her favorite scarf to help her keep warm!  :)
Mercedes at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, yet another place that allows dogs!
Mercedes exploring the grounds at the Biltmore Estate
Mercedes was all smiles during her first visit to Camping World. Seen in this picture is one of my favorite rope leads.
This is Mercedes out for one-on-one time with me at Camping World on a very cold March morning.  Mercedes is a sweet baby girl who loves people and has a gentle, loving spirit.
Mercedes at Biltmore!
It was quite a beautiful sight to watch the sun set on the Biltmore Estate.
 Mercedes exploring Biltmore!
This is Mercedes obeying the sit and stay commands. All of the training and socialization done with Mercedes have had remarkable results where she earned her Canine Good Citizen title in 2015.
Sunset at Biltmore with Mercedes.
Savannah, Georgia, is a must see tourist location in the South with beautiful architecture, horse drawn carriages, and wonderful restaurants, not to mention the rich history. This is Mercedes at Lafayette Square. Lovely girl in lovely Savannah!
Mercedes looking back as if to say, "Are you coming?"  Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
Mercedes, our beauty!
Mercedes at the Piedmont Kennel Club.
Mercedes at Camelot House.
Temperament Test Society:  Mercedes chilling under the tent awaiting the judges' decision. The four of them can be seen in the background. "No worries, Mer; you've got this!" In the end, the lead judge gave us a thumbs up. Fantastic!
Bark for Life:  Mercedes: "Check out this human pretending to be a dog. What is the world coming to?" Haha!!!
Mercedes checking out the sights in Ocala, Florida!
Mercedes after the CCA and CGC.  The WC/WCX was held at the pond seen in the background of this picture.
This is Mercedes obeying the sit and stay commands at the Winston Salem Dog Training Club after class
Golden Retrievers of Camelot House 
IntCH Dream Mercedes of Golden Duck CCA CGC TT RN TKN