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Bark for Life Event
Statesville, NC
April 11, 2015

A well trained dog is the best kind of dog, but a well socialized one is even better!

A well trained dog is the best kind of dog, but a well socialized one is even better.  This is a statement that has been made repeatedly at Camelot House.  It is what we believe, what we live.  When there are local fund raising events, such as Bark for Life or the March of Dimes walk, we are there to support our community and charities with our dogs alongside us.  
Our socialization program goes further than the occasional fundraiser.  We take our dogs everywhere dogs are allowed.  We have taken our dogs and puppies to numerous businesses and locations in Statesville and surrounding cities.

Every city and state has different rules regarding dogs in places of business; therefore, we always ask before taking a dog into any store for the first time.  
Why do we advocate socialization for dogs and puppies?  The reason is simple.  The more places one takes a dog or a pup, the better socialized he/she will be resulting in a well mannered dog.  Besides, the dogs love it.  We have also found that it is a way to break down barriers.  As a general rule, most people go to a store to shop with rarely a conversation with another person, other than maybe the cashier.  When one takes a dog or a pup into a store, numerous conversations ensue.  Basically, taking a dog to public places is not only good for the dog where people automatically are drawn to the dog, it is good for people as well.  Socialization opens  the doors to communication and is good for all involved.   
TJ Maxx              
Home Depot
Vineyard Vines
Nursing Homes
Pet Smart  
Columbia Sportswear
Community Colleges
Best Buy 
Merle Norman
Gander Mountain
Tanger Outlet
Southern States
Visits w/Santa Claus
Downtown Statesville
Farmer's Market
Tilley Harley Davidson
NASCAR Hall of Fame   
Lake Norman State Park
Visits with the Easter Bunny 
March of Dimes -March for Babies
Statesville, NC
April 20, 2013

Two big events were held on Saturday, April 11, 2015: The March of Dimes March for Babies and the American Cancer Society's Bark for Life. Enjoy this short video clip of the Golden Retrievers of Camelot House at both events. The song was chosen because, believe it or not, it was playing at both events! :)

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