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At Camelot House, we have a unique breeding program that not only involves vital health screening of the parents, it also involves a hands-on approach to raising puppies beginning at 3 days old with age specific activities planned each week until the pups go to their homes.  Much time and research have been done to develop a program tailored to the interests that we believe are important to puppy owners with the goal being to provide a good foundation during the early period of pups' lives, one in which owners can build.  Most important is the development of confident, non-fearful pups that can easily transition to their new homes, pups that will be an integral part of their families' lives.  Our job is not over once pups leave Camelot House.  We have a lifetime commitment to our pups and their owners, always a phone call, text, e-mail or Facebook message away.  Detailed information regarding our approach can be found under the puppy training tab.

We are much more than breeders, we are dedicated to the Golden Retriever breed; thereby, owning and raising Golden Retrievers that are part of the family.  Our Goldens are not in outside kennels, but live in our home.  We also derive much satisfaction in training our Goldens and working toward titles for them.  Another essential characteristic of being a breeder of Golden Retrievers involves a membership with the Golden Retriever Club of America and the Tarheel Golden Retriever Club.  At Camelot House, we have our own individualized goals, standards and vision that also encompass the goals, standards and visions of both clubs.
We take pride in developing our own lines at Camelot House, paying close attention to conformation and temperament, as well as studying the pedigrees of both parents.  Careful consideration is done when choosing the best sire for a dam prior to breeding.  It is essential to utilize a sire that complements the dam and to breed with the intention of improving the line with the breed standard being of prime importance.  On occasion, we keep a pup from a litter to breed in the future, one to continue the line, one that will be part of our family, one that we will train and obtain the proper health checks, one that we will love.

At Golden Retrievers of Camelot House, health screening per the GRCA Code of Ethics prior to breeding is crucial.  
The health checks performed at Camelot House include:

  • Board Certified OFA Hips
  • Board Certified OFA Elbows
  • Board Certified OFA Eyes
  • Board Certified OFA Heart

​We then take it a step further with these genetic tests:

  • Muscular Dystrophy (MD)

All health clearances of the dam and sire are made public via the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals which is an "approved online database.  Approved online databases include registries under management of veterinary professional associations." ~ GRCA  Our dogs' health clearances can be found under "Our Dogs".

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